The officials refuse to approve the rally in support of Barto

Yesterday the official from the Central district administration connected with Andrey Pivovarov and informed that the administration refused to approve the rally in support of Barto music band which planned for September 27 because the places mentioned in the request (Malaya Sadovaya, Malaya Konyshennaya) were fixed for other events. In the alternative the official offered Chernyshevsky Garden, the place where the rally would not be visible by anybody except its participants themselves. Moreover he could not clearly reply to the suggestion to hold the rally just on another day and time when there would be no any events.

Barto music band and first of all its singer Maria Lybicheva has interested the police after the rally in support of Khimky Forest in Moscow, where she sang the song “Ready”, which has following lines: “I’m ready and you are ready to fire cops’ cars at night. It’s as a rule of life, a feature of a good taste as for those who think the law is garbage”, that gave occasion to suspicion in extremism.