Maria Govorova: prisoners of conscience are free. As yet

Many of you know about peaceful rally that was held October 31 2010 at Gostiny Dvor in St. Petersburg I think. More than 100 people were arrested there. As usual most of them had been sitting at police stations till midnight when they received reports about ‘violations’ of the following articles: 20.2 – ‘participation in unapproved rally’ and 19.3 ‘non-compliance with police orders’ and went home. They await notices of appointment.
But this time authorities decided push harder. Organizers of rally became first targets. As a result of it the leaders and some participants were sentenced to imprisonment with terms from one to 15 days (15 days term is maximum possible term in that case).
Andey Pivovarov — the leader of St. Petersburg ‘People’s Democratic Union’ and active member of ‘Oborona’s St. Petersburg department had really bad luck. Court session for previous ‘Strategy 31’ case was assigned on October 31, 6 pm. And Andrey was detained just on his coming to the rally. After that he was conveyed to the court session. Andrey was sentenced to 15-day imprisonment (previous case) and the same term for October 31 case. He had served already 3 days of his 31 August sentence (court decision was cancelled due to defects of proceedings). So, 27 days left, 27-day term of imprisonment for participation in peaceful rally that is clearly guaranteed by the 31st article of the Constitution, Russian Federation fundamental law.

In the courtroom. Photo by Maria Murina

During court session requests that advocates and witnesses should be called were rejected. Andrey’s attorneys Arkadiy Chaplygin and Sanya Tsaryova filed a compliant. New court session was assigned on November 4.