Let’s give back gubernatorial elections!

In accordance with article #3 of the 3rd part of the Russian Constitution (Law of the land) superior expression of people’s power is national referendum and free elections. This article has been infracting for 6 years already since December 2004 when V. Putin rescinded region heads election. This action violated also another article of Constitution (#32). It guarantees that citizens of the Russia have got the right of participating in national affairs governance and have got the right of choice and right to be chosen in the bodies of state power. Cancellation of region heads elections was another step in the direction of authoritarian society from democratic society. Authorities have deprived us of the right to be the nationals of our country and it has left for us just the functions of taxpayers. But we wish to elect governors by ourselves!

To protect this right youth organization “Oborona” starts new federal campaign named “V means Vybory” (“V means elections!”). First events will take place on November 22. Oborona’s activists will hold a number of informational piquets near Gostiny Dvor. For example activists will tell about some promises of Valentina Matvienko (St. Petersburg governor) which hasn’t been redeemed still. Leaflets will be distributed and some performances will be arranged there also. Besides this the notifications about head rally were given to the administration. It will be held on December 4 on Pionerskaya square.

Oborona of St. Petersburg invites others democratic organizations to join the struggle. Let’s give back gubernatorial elections!