November 14 rally’s totals

St. Petersburg Oborona has taken part in the rally against political repressions, which took place at Pionerskaya square. It was claimed as a civil rally. Members of different political and civil organizations were there: “Solidarnost”, “Jabloko”, “CPRF” (Communist Party of Russian Federation), United Civil Front, Russian National Democratic Union and others. Near 200 persons altogether. Oborona’s activists were holding the banner with “The Country is sleeping, Khodorkovsky is sitting” message.
Oborona member Grigoriy Kopp mounted a platform and made a speech. He paid attention to difficult situation when “officials of Cheka” remain in power in Russia. Then any guiltless man can be accused of crime on account of political causes. Glaring examples are Mikhail Khodorkovskiy and Sergey Mohnatkin. “It is very dangerous to remain indifferent to the events in country ruled by “chekists” (security officers)” said Grigoriy.
It will be recalled that the rally against political repressions were organized as a reaction on authorities’ actions against Strategy-31 leaders (extremism criminal case institutions threaten them) and beatings and murders of reporters.